Can-i-use-regular-nail-polish-over-gel-polish, can you use a gel topcoat over regular nail polish? by sophia panyc h. april 2, 2013 ... do not sell my personal information allure may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased .... We all want a manicure that will last longer than two weeks, won’t chip at all, and will look like it’s been done by a professional! unfortunately, regular nail polish can’t help you achieve this, which is why you should consider getting gel or powder nails!, yes you can and no it won't. when you remove the regular polish try and use a non-acetone based polish remover (either will still be fine but non acetone is a bit less abrasive). source: certified/practicing nail tech level 2.

Yes you can, i had gel nails for a while and you can apply regular nail polish over the top but just a little warning it stays on very very very well as the gel kind of absorbs it a bit so when..., apply your regular polish as you normally would. polish your nails with regular nail polish in the color of your choice. to help the polish adhere better, buff and clean your nails first. you can also prep your nails with a regular (non-gel) base coat if you wish..

Every girl loves to pamper herself every once in a while, and a lot of the time that involves a manicure. getting your nails done isn’t only a relaxing way to get some “me” time, it’s also a way of maintaining the overall appearance and health of your nails. today, there are so many manicure options …, method 2: gel top coat mixed with regular nail polish. the big bonus is that sensationail polish to gel is not only great to put over your regular polish but you can also create your own gel polish colours at home by simply mixing it with equal parts of standard nail polish.

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