Chemical-in-nail-polish, chemical composition of nail polish basic clear nail polish can be made from nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate. the nitrocellulose forms a shiny film as the acetate solvent evaporates. however, most polishes contain an extensive list of ingredients.. Dibutyl phthalate (dbp), a member of the phthalate family of chemicals, is used in nail polish to minimize chipping. phthalates are classified as endocrine disruptors and mimic the hormone estrogen in your body. they are proven to impair the hormonal development of male fetuses, cause organ damage, and may even instigate early-onset menopause., the chemical names inside the bottle of nail polish may contain many hazardous chemical that can attack our health, especially the ‘toxic trio’ namely formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. these chemicals are not only attack the nail polish users but also the salon workers too. so, here are the harmful chemicals in nail polish:.

A chemical commonly used to soften plastic and in lipstick, nail polish and other household items has been found to interfere with the development of healthy breast tissue, which could lead to..., toluene, which helps create a smooth look and clear colors in polishes, is one of the “toxic trio” of chemicals long found in nail products. the others are formaldehyde, a preservative, and dibutyl....

A study by researchers at duke university detected evidence of a common nail polish chemical called triphenyl phosphate, or tphp, in the bodies of every woman who volunteered to paint her nails for..., conventional nail polish consists of a polymer, most commonly nitrocellulose, dissolved in a solvent, usually ethyl acetate or butyl acetate. when it is applied the solvent evaporates, leaving the polymer to form a film on the nail. adhesive polymer resins that are also contained within the formulation help the polymer film to stick to the nail..

April 11, 2012 -- if you're a mani-pedi fan, it's disturbing news. some nail polishes and other products used at salons and labeled toxin-free may have high levels of toxic chemicals, according to ..., nail polish (also known as nail varnish or nail enamel) is a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernail or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates.the formula has been revised repeatedly to enhance its decorative effects and to suppress cracking or peeling. nail polish consists of a mix of an organic polymer and several other components that give it its unique color and texture..

In the world of nontoxic nail polish, three-free polishes (meaning formulas that contain no formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate) used to be the gold standard. but then we started wising up...

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